Alubond - Nigeria
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Alubond Nigeria Ltd is a company with a passion for providing quality customer service. Core areas of competence include, however not limited to Infrastructure Development and installation but offers Consultancy with core emphasis on project design and implementation. We offer first class service delivery in the areas of Aluminum composite panel, futuristic ceiling systems, Aluminium windows, Glass curtain wall, Bathroom items and Italian doors. We are involved in installation, design, Implementation of your projects.

We began building this company with a clear vision of guiding builders/owners through the bewildering array of choices and obstacles they could encounter while trying to construct a standard and or complex building. We focus on making it less complex for businesses/individuals to leverage building materials by providing them with the education, turn-key solutions, and support they need to turn their design into reality. Today our team is revolutionizing the construction industry by dedicating themselves to consistently delivering on our promise to help contractors and architects succeed. The Alubond team is driven to fulfilling this commitment to all our current and future customers.

Our commitment to helping builders succeed is more than simply a goal of our company. It is our sole mission. We have dedicated ourselves to building a team of amazing individuals who share a passion for what we do and a set of values for how we do it. We understand that in order to become your trusted building partner, we must consistently deliver on our promise – a unique commitment to offer:

Proactive and responsive support

We help you build a strong structural project through attentive anticipation of your needs. We are committed to providing our professional support staff with the tools and training necessary to ensure we identify and solve your problems expeditiously.

Integrated, turn-key applications

Alubond is in tune with your changing and growing business needs. We partner with leading building materials manufacturers to develop the most relevant turn-key tools to help you transform dreams to reality. Our wide array of easy-to-deploy solutions means we can quickly get your materials installed by our technical team who were trained by our parent company in the United States of America. Our goal is to assist you with modern building materials used in developed countries today and help you succeed.

Ongoing education and guidance

Our role as your business partner is to empower you. We will bring you the knowledge and information necessary to make the right decisions about what the Alubond products can do for your project. Resources tailored to your specific needs are just clicks away. Whether you would like to find out how our products can help you improve your existing project or proposed design, learn more about a certain technology, or attract the right customers from all over the world. Providing our customers with the highest levels of performance, security and reliability has simply become a “MUST” to compete in today’s world. Consistently delivering a high level of service is part of our commitment and we are backing that up by investing millions of naira in best-of-breed technologies to ensure our infrastructure remains secure and robust. We understand that as your building materials partner, it is our job to offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your project is built using high quality materials without environmental hazards.